Abhishek B.KPossibilities in Challenges

He lives near the jungle, plays with the stones and mud, plays with the colour of flowers and leaves in the rocks, he is unpredictable, he is sharp and the most important thing, despite many sorrows he faces, he talks about dreams and hopes. He is 5 year old Abishek B.K.

Everybody is concerned about their children; concerned about the fooding, clothing, education, health and re-creation of their children. Parental love is the best form of godly love in this world. However, there are some shameless parents who take their children as their burden and throw their children in this cruel world. Children are the gifts of god or we can say, they are the forms of god. They teach us to live life, to live in present moment and most importantly, to be kind and happy. There are many children in this world who deserve to get best in their life but are forced to live a painful life.

This is a painful story of 5 year old Abishek B.K of Samdi, lamjung. After his birth, his father abandoned him and after few months, his mother eloped away. Father’s family did not accept him as their own blood and neither came to support him, he was totally abandoned.  His maternal grandparents were only one left option. It was so good of his maternal parents but the fact was the grandparents were deaf and dumb. Though, they take him to their home, they had no facilities to offer him. They earned mainly by selling woods collected from the jungle and hardly managed for fooding and clothing. He was deprived of much stuff that a child should get and enjoy.

Poverty was ruling them and the grand parents could not afford to send Abishek to the school. But z teacher of nearby school felt bad for Abishek and got him admitted to the school. In the school, Abishek showed great potentialities and amazed his teachers with his sharp intellect. “He carries extra-ordinary potentialities and if given opportunity, he can do anything” says Mrs. Ram pyari Aryal, his teacher.

Ms. Ram pyari Aryal informed about the challenges and possibilities of Abishek to HDAF. HDAF investigated about him and found the story very true. HDAF soon provided him with clothes, study related materials and other needed stuffs. It wanted to help this child more but HDAF could not get the birth registration certificate from VDC as the child’s father refused to give him his name. If birth registration was available then HDAF would do more help to this child but unfortunately, it could not. Nevertheless, HDAF continued helping him.

Abishek has great challenges and like every child, he deserves to be pampered, to play with toys and to paint whatever colors he wants to the canvas. HDAF sees a creative person in him; moreover, a human being in him. It has supported him and his education. It seeks for interested individuals and organization to help this child to get happiness he deserves.